CAF President Ahmad Opens Up


The CAF President  Ahmad Ahmad has opened up on the performance in office. At a press conference in Niamey he said that the development of football in small categories, are developmental competitions for the organizing country in terms of infrastructure, for young people and their education especially with the FIFA FORWARD program. President Ahmad Ahmad announces in the coming days the holding of a meeting between the technical committee of the CAF and the leaders of the 4 teams that qualified for the U20 World Cup, namely South Africa, Senegal, Mali and Nigeria will be held to develop strategies for a good performance of African teams in this competition.

On the controversies currently undermining the executive committee of CAF, the president refers to a question of education  saying that In French-speaking countries there are rules that must be respected when entering an organization rules of propriety, of cultures and educations.

Regarding the allegations and complaints of Musa Bility he said thy since his arrival at the head of the executive committee the statutes oblige him to organize two meetings From the executive committee a year now we have doubled the quotas of meetings of the executive committee, every two months there is a meeting of the emergency committee of the CAF.

Ahmad said ‘I am not like some politicians who do not realize what they promise, I challenge people to watch my program if I have not respected one aspect of my program.

Statutory, there is only the president of the CAF who represents the institution with the thirds, no members of the executive committee has this mandate, only I was elected.

I have nothing to answer for everything that happens, the main thing is that I evolve with my family of football which is the CAF.

Compared to the multiple attacks on the administration of CAF after the attributions of the various CAN in Cameroon 2021, Ivory Coast 2023, and Guinea 2025, he said ‘I am very proud today what we have not said about Today, what are these people talking about? Who is right today? It is the CAF that is right with our African heads of state who understood.

Regarding marketing rights, the president of CAF evokes the subject by hammering « CAF no longer has the right to market its own rights, whether TV rights or marketing rights.

In 2017, the African Football Confederation, chaired by Mr. HAYATOU, re-signed a contract with Lagardère Sport to entrust all commercial aspects to Lagardère Sport.

If Lagardère signs a contract with VISA, or any other company I have to applaud because it’s money this company could find for African football, I do not have the right to interfere in anything on this contract.

It’s foolish to criticize the CAF and its president on this aspect it’s not my job. »

Only the Awards remain our property, it is the CAF that organizes this event and will look for its partners’

His vice and president of the Nigerian Football Federation, amaju pinnick who thanked the press for telling them that they are the essential partners in this organization. and reminding us that he trusted one of us, the Nigerian journalist Mohamed Slimane, by appointing him Secretary General of FENIFOOT.



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