Lagos Collapsed Building: 10 death Confirmed, 50 injured

Lagos: Collapsed Building Disaster:

Pic.9. A child being rescued from the scene of a building, which collapsed at Itafaji on the Lagos Island on Wednesday (13/3/19).
02149/13/3/2019Kayode Oladapo/JAU/BJO/NAN

About 10 people among them Primary school pupils, have lost their lives following the collapsed of a three-storey building at Dagara, street, Ita Faaji, Lagos Island.

About 50 others injured have been rushed to the Lagos Island General Hospital.

More people are still trapped under the debris with rescue operators, making efforts for evacuation.

The topmost floor of the three storey building was occupied by Ohel Nursery and Primary school, with a penthouse on it.

The school had about 100 pupils as at the time of the incident.

While the first floor was purely residential, the ground floor was for residential and commercial purposes. The first, second and penthouse, as gathered, caved in at about 10.30am, burying the pupils, staff and residents.

Youths in the area were said to have commenced evacuation work before the arrival of rescue operators.

Reports say the collapsed building and about 15 others on Dagara and Massey streets had earlier been marked for demolition by the Lagos State Government.

Residents alleged that each time government officials came; owners of the affected buildings would give them money ranging from N30, 000 to N150, 000, depending on the number of floors, to prevent their buildings from being demolished.

Thereafter, owners of the buildings would repaint them to erase the red mark on it.

Governor Ambode who visited the scene sympathized with those affected by the tragedy.

He said that integrity tests had been conducted on other buildings in the area, to ascertain whether they were habitable, threatening that any building that failed the test would have the necessary action taken on it.

On the part of the state government, he said it would take care of the hospital bills of those admitted.

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