Dembele Sued By German Landlord


2018 World Cup winner and Barcelona winger Ousmane Dembeleof France has been sued by his former landlord in germany for being so dirty.

The landlord said the toilets were blocked with stones, rotten foods were kept in both the fridge and the cupboards, With piles of unpaid bills behind the front door

The 21-year-old never returned to his former house in Germany and is asked to pay for the horrendous condition the property was in.

The player has been asked to pay 10,000 euros for leaving his rented property in Dortmund in unhygienic condition before moving to Barcelona in 2017.

His landlord Weissenberg had originally requested 21,000 euros due to late payments and damages to the house, but an agreement was reached with the Frenchman to reduce the amount to 10,000 euros.


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