The Moriah Crusade

2019 Moriah Crusade

From the Holy Scripture, Moriah is a land of provision. Abraham was blessed after he obeyed God to sacrifice his son Isaac. But then the Magnanimous God provided Ram in place. It is indeed GOD’S plan to provide for mankind if they’ll obey him and also worship him.

Remember it was on Mount Moriah where King Solomon built the greatest and biggest Temple ever for.

Today Moriah Crusade has become an event that tells the world that the glory of God in celestial church of Christ is a transgenerational legacy. Hence Moriah 2019 promises to be a glorious destiny encounter with the Holy Spirit being a build up on previous Moriah Crusades; from the Supernatural Supply 2017 Maiden Edition at the old parade ground, to the 2018 Unlimited Breakthrough at the Eagle Square Abuja and now the “in blessing I will bless thee” 2019 scheduled to hold at the prestigious national stadium right inside the nation’s capital.

Moriah Crusade 2019 is an adventure that is best shared from first-hand, on-site experience. You don’t want to be told: so mark the date on your calendar, clear your schedules and let’s be a part of this year’s history Live at the National Stadium, Friday 26th April, 8 pm till dawn. See you there!

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