Mohammed bin Salman’s sister faces trial for allegedly ordering beating of craftsman

Mohammed bin Salman has ruled as Saudi Crown Prince since 2017.

The victim of the alleged physical attack, which took place in 2016, was working in Hassa bint Salman’s apartment in the French capital.

Bint Salman’s court hearing will take place on July 9, according to the prosecutor’s office. She was charged in August 2018 with theft, complicity with voluntary violence, and complicity of sequestration.

It is alleged that the Saudi princess, said to be in her 40s, became angry after the worker took a photograph in her apartment on Paris’ ultra-expensive Avenue Foch, AFP reported.

The agency said bint Salman believed he wanted to sell the picture to the media. The workman said he was tied up, severely beaten and forced to kiss the princess’ feet during the ordeal, it added.

CNN has reached out to bint Salman’s attorney for comment but has not heard back.

Bint Salman’s brother, Mohammed bin Salman, has been Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia since 2017. Originally viewed as a modernizer, he has faced international condemnation since Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018.
Bin Salman, also known by his initials MBS, has been condemned over the killing by the US Senate, but Riyadh denies he was involved.

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