Black entrepreneur to use own money to provide for 1,000 classrooms ▷


– The founder and CEO of Friggers communications, Freddie Friggers, has pledged his resources to help 1,000 classrooms

– The businessman said he was moved by teachers who help education despite their paltry checks

– The philanthropist therefore called on all teachers who need help with their schools to add names to the 1,000 classrooms list

Freddie Figgers, the founder and CEO of Friggers communications, has said he will be putting in some of his resources to provide supplies for 1000 classrooms.

The move to use his resources to help education was inspired by the action of a 68-year-old teacher who despite her meager resources, helps with developing education.

On hearing the comment by the old teacher, he was surprised that an underpaid classroom worker could be contributing towards education, despite being late on some bills.

“This is the public sectors’ job, but we shouldn’t have to rely on the public sector. Every school year, we see back to school book-bag drives which are great, but we forget all about the teachers.

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“This has to stop. Our teachers do so much for our kids, we must look out for them,” he said.

The CEO therefore called on all teachers who have been helping their schools to come forward and be added to the 1,000 school list.

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that Jamiu Temitope Aliyu, a Nigerian science teacher from Abuja, has been selected by the European Council for Nuclear Research for the International Teachers Programme in Switzerland.

Aliyu was among 48 honoured teachers selected from 39 countries across six continents of the globe.

He said that he was one of the two Africans from the 39 countries, adding that he believes he has really been helped by God. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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