Stream Bones’ Newest Record “KickingTheBucket”


Bones’ newest project characteristically beckons you towards the dark side. This is the graveyard type vibes his name suggests; however, KickingTheBucket isn’t always the dark bangers fans are accustomed to. On “BodyCloseToMine” for example, Bones experiments with a funky ‘80s sound and some light singing that actually works very well. The overall production on the project is about what you’d expect from a Bones record. It’s very dark, sometimes depressing, but arguably less violent and loud than some of his other work as well. The songwriting is at it’s best on the last track, “OneMansTrashIsAnotherMansTreaure.” The best tracks here are “Mortuary,” “BodyCloseToMine,” “AllDressedUpToGoDreaming,” and “OneMansTrashIsAnotherMansTreasure.”The album is getting both positive and negative reactions from Reddit users. One fan writes, “This bangs in the cemetery. Bones is genuinely so prolifically good,” while another adds critique saying “Really wish Bones would calm down and focus all the energy into putting out one amazing project a year rather than 3 or 4 good/mediocre ones.” While KickingTheBucket has it’s highs and lows, the highs definitely make the experience worth checking out.

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