Africa have you not heard



#say no to xenophobia

Africa have you not heard
Have they not fed your glutton ears?
You need to ask
What is happening to the culture, history, tradition and love upon which you were formed
Just like i thought
That brothers that share the same history but in various versions
like a trilogy with the same plot
But with different verses
Should offer much love to each other
No! Hate we dispense
And litter all over Africa as confetti
And if luck had married you
You live to tell the tale

I thought if the history didn’t heal your
Blind eyes
The spectacle from the black skin should
Do that miracle
Yes! It did the miracle
It healed you of your apartheid
And now you are killing the sons of the prophet
Ending the offsprings of the land that kept your messiah
Black is beautiful
Not in creativity but in hatred and pain
Until we bring peace and happiness
Then black clothes will always be used to express grief.

#say no to xenophobia

Odeyinka bekololari
Theatre and media arts
University of Abuja.


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