Wealthy Tanzanian Dies of Pneumonia.


Wealthy Tanzanian Dies of pneumonia.

Pneumonia has claimed the life of a wealthy Tanzania dollar millionaire Ali Mufuruki.He passed on on Saturday December 7th , 2019.

His Friend Gilman Kasiga told journalists at the deceased’s home at Dar es Salaam’s Kunduchi Beach suburb, alongside Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange CEO Moremi Marwa and Mr Rahim Mawji co-authored a book titled: “Tanzania’s Industrialisation Journey, 2016-2056″ in 2017.

He said Mr Mufuruki suffered from pneumonia and was rushed to the Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam.
He was later flown to South Africa for better treatment where he died,”

Mr Mufuruki, whose net wealth was last quoted at $110 million, helped his country in a number of ways regarding investment and the economy.

He was the chairman of
The Infotech Investment Group, founder and CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) and Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) East Africa


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