Lagos Is Dangerous, Eko Ti Baje


*Warning: Don’t Waste Time at these dangerous Lagos Bus-Stop At Night, You May Be Hurt.*

Jan 4, 2020 1:49 PM
The Security in Lagos State has improved tremendously over the years. The Government of Lagos State has really done well in aspect of Security but despite this improvement we still have some element that have bent to make a living at the expense of other people’s lives.

In tackling the security challenges in Lagos State, the government cannot do it alone, the residents have to be alerted and be security conscious. I have identified some security threats in some bus-stop at night or early in the morning. You should be careful when you find yourself in any of these bus stop at night, don’t spend more time in these areas.

Below are the bus-stop that post danger at night:

*1. Agege Pen Cinema:* If you find yourself at Pen Cinema at night or early in the morning from 5 AM, You should be very watchful. The Security challenges in this area is caused by some group of boys called *”Awawa Boys”* most of which ages are from 16. These boys are not smiling, they will slap, break bottles on someone head and if anyone prove stubborn, they may even kill the person after collecting everything in your possession. They rub with dangerous weapon, they also gang-rape so be careful here.

*2. Ikotun/Igando Bus Stops:* If you find yourself either at Ikotun bus-stop or any bus stop from Ikotun to Igando. You may find yourself in a dangerous situation. There also some group of dangerous boys called *”No Salary Boys”.* These boys also operate in the afternoon, there are main job is to rub the passerby with dangerous weapons.

*3. Boundary Bus stop in Ajegunle:* This is also among the bus-stop you should not spend more time in. They are boys Popularly referred to as the ‘one million boys’ gang territory where criminals attack passengers in vehicles.

*4. Abule Egba Traffic Light:* This bus stop is noted for violent mugging and dangerous street urchin who can forcefully take your belongings and even harm you.

*5. Berger bus stop (along OPIC–Ibadan Expressway):* Criminals attack victims with guns

on the long bridge and in traffic jams.

*6. Ijora Bus stop:* Notorious spot for gang-rape; abduction in buses (popularly known as *‘one chance’.*

*7. Mile 2 Oke:* Hammers, knives, guns are used to rob motorists in traffic jam.

*8. Bolade Bus stop Oshodi:* Bolade bus stop, once noted for chaos has improved since the facelift by Lagos State. But during rush hours and late nights, mugging is common.

*9. Ajah Bus stop:* Sporadic clashes often breaks among rival street urchins loyal to a ‘certain chief’ and over collection of toll from commercial bus drivers. Women are alleged to have been raped at night during such clashes.

Your security is very important to me. So you find this very helpful so share, comment, like to reach more people.


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