President Weah Woos Foreign Investors

George Weah:  Former FIFA world best footballer now Liberia President Dr. George Weah, has been wooing investors into his country.  He has been marketing Liberia and working around the clock meeting business executives, in the critical sectors.

Speaking at the Israel-Liberia Forum for Economic Cooperation and Sustainable Development, in Tel-Aviv, President Weah said Liberia is a land of endless opportunities for investment in agriculture, mining, tourism and hospitality, technology, manufacturing, banking and finance.He assured his audience that his Government had developed and created a framework for attracting, protecting and sustaining foreign direct investments beneficial to Liberians and the outside world.

The Liberian leader noted that a clear and practical roadmap for increased Israeli investments in Liberia will further enhance and cement relations with Israel, Liberia’s traditional friend of 61 years.

President Weah assured the Government of the State of Israel and potential investors that his administration had instituted several policy initiatives making doing business in Liberia comfortable, including a harmonized and simplified national business registry.

President Weah said that the Government of Liberia has constituted a “Business Climate Improvement Working Group”, to tackle prohibitive bottlenecks leading to a more seamless process of investing in the Country. The Director of Africa-Israel Chamber assured the President of their interest to invest in Liberia.

The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, was founded in 1996 by the late President of Israel, Shimon Peres, to develop and implements impactful and meaningful programs on promoting Israel In all sectors.

An advocate of peace by nature President Weah who became the 112th Head of State to plant a tree in Israel, prayed that the planting of tree brings life and genuine peace to Israel.

Breaking: Sall Re-elected Senegal 🇸🇳 President

Incumbent Senegalese President Macky Sall has been re-elected with 58% of the votes cast, according to provisional results from the National Vote Counting Commission on Thursday.

The majority win hands Sall a second term without a run-off. Opposition candidate Idrissa Seck came second with 21 percent of votes, while Ousmane Sonko placed third with 16 percent.

Sall, whom rights groups have criticized for squeezing out rivals, was tipped to win after a modernising first term that propelled Senegal’s economic growth to more than six percent – one of the highest in Africa.

Since Sunday’s vote, opposition candidates have rejected reports of an out-right victory for Sall, saying their tallies point to a second round of voting.

Seck and Sonko have not yet commented on the National Vote Counting Commission’s results, which are preliminary until validated by the constitutional council. The candidates have 72 hours to register an appeal.

Senegal has long been viewed as West Africa’s most stable democracy, with peaceful transitions of power since it gained independence from France in 1960.

More than 66 percent of 6.7 million registered voters took part in the election.

Mauritania To Host U20 AFCON In 2021

The President of the Nigerien Football Federation (FENIFOOT) Colonel-Major Djibrilla Hima Hamidou has passed the torch Of the Total U-20 AFCON to Ahmed Yahya, President of the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Mauritania will as a result host the 22nd Total U-20 Africa Cup of Nations in 2021.

“My country will host the 22nd edition of the Total U-20 Africa Cup of Nations in 2021. Certainly we will be organizing it for the first time but we’ve known for some time now.”

“We will try to be up to the task by putting all the necessary means at the material and human level for the success of the competition.”

“I would like to congratulate Niger for the good organization of the event by setting the bar very high and a final with so many people in the stadium for a youth competition.”

“It is a challenge for us to have in Mauritania as much people in the stadiums and to succeed a good organizer.”

“I would like to reassure you that Mauritania will do its utmost to respond to the confidence CAF has placed in our country by successfully organizing the Total U-20 Africa Cup of Nations in 2021.” Continue reading “Mauritania To Host U20 AFCON In 2021”

FIFA, CAF, AU Sign New Promotional MOU.

The World football governing body FIFA have signed an historic Memorandum of Understanding with the Conféderation Africaine de Football CAF and the African Union.
The MoU, signed by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki and CAF President Ahmad Ahmad will implement common strategies and programmes on education, good governance, fight against corruption, and safety and security at football matches.
The three bodies will join forces to support education using football for all schoolchildren of all member countries of the AU, including the development and training of teachers. This will include the implementation of FIFA’s new Football for Schools Programme, and distribution of 11 million balls to schools around the world while contributing to the development of children skills through the promotion of the key values of football.
FIFA has allocated a budget of USD 100 million to the Football for Schools Programme over the next four-year cycle, and pilot projects will start in Mauritania, Botswana and Rwanda.
The second pillar of the agreement will promote safety and security at football matches. FIFA will use its broad expertise in this field and work in cooperation with relevant public and private stakeholders. The collaboration will focus on capacity-building on legislative aspects, the development of stadium safety & security management measures and interventions, as well as engagement in best practise exchange across AU countries.
Both organisations also agreed to promote good governance and anti-corruption in sport, in particular through joint actions such as workshops and awareness campaigns against match manipulation and other forms of malpractise in football. They also plan to promote good governance among the FIFA member associations in the AU region with key principles such as democracy, gender equality, stakeholder involvement, transparency, accountability, solidarity, and checks and balances.

Courtesy: Caf

Confusion in CAF As Liberia’s Executive Musa Bility Resigns

The relationship between CAF President Ahmad Ahmad and a Liberian Executive Committee Member Musa Bility has gone sour. In a letter of resignation sent to the Caf Executives on Friday night, Musa Bility described the reign of the CAF President as Dictatorial. Musa Bility said Ahmad Ahmad has assumed a new role of Executive Caf President not approved in the Caf statutes. He said the President has demonstrated brazen disregard for the Executive Committee but chooses to run CAF with close associates he feels comfortable around and carries a certain degree of respect for.   

I know that members of this august body are keeping quiet not out of fear and cowardice, but to keep the sanctity of this Noble Institution that means so much to all and sundry. 

Another case in point is my recent public disagreement with the 2nd Vice President on the issue of awarding AFCON 2021. When I was asked by a journalist as to whether we have awarded AFCON 2021 to Cameroon, I said no we have not. As you all know, this Executive Committee has not made any such decision. So, I saw nothing wrong with my statement. In fact, I was referencing the official position of CAF which was issued in a Press Release after the Accra Exco Meeting. That Release was very clear: we decided to strip Cameroon of AFCON 2019 and was considering all other options on how to deal with the issues of 2019/2021/2023.

As far as I was concerned, the issue surrounding the media blaze about AFCON 2021 was resolved amongst ourselves thanks to the positive intervention of most members of the Exco. But surprisingly, I was astonished to know that the President still carries this issue against me.

Listing financial impropriety, Bility said this has to do with a $200,000 designated for the Liberian FA while he was serving as it’s President but was wired by CAF to an unknown account in Europe. But interestingly CAF sent it to the account of a firm in Poland that deals in artifacts. CAF claims it received the instruction from the Liberia FA to send the funds to this firm. Of course, this is false and misleading. Bility therefore hopes that his resignation will serve as a wake up call for us to stand firm and ensure that CAF is managed properly in accordance with the statues in order to bring real change to African Football. 

Zimbabwe leader: Violence by security forces ‘unacceptable’

Zimbabwe’s president on Tuesday called violence by security forces “unacceptable and a betrayal” and said it will be investigated after a week of economic crisis and crackdown in which activists said a dozen people were killed.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa also called for a “national dialogue” among all political parties as well as religious and civic leaders, even as some of them on Tuesday said arrests had continued overnight. He spoke upon returning home after skipping a high-profile fundraising visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to deal with the unrest.

Zimbabwe’s military was in the streets last week for the first time since post-election violence in August in which six people were killed. This time, people reported being hunted down in their homes by security forces and severely beaten. Doctors treated dozens of gunshot wounds. More than 600 people were arrested, with most denied bail.

Mnangagwa said chaos and insubordination will not be tolerated and “if required, heads will roll.”

He defended, however, the dramatic fuel price increase that began the unrest by making gasoline in Zimbabwe the most expensive in the world. Authorities had said it was meant to ease the demand that had created miles-long lines as gas stations, with some families sleeping in their cars.

Zimbabwe’s military was in the streets last week for the first time since post-election violence in August in which six people were killed. This time, people reported being hunted down in their homes by security forces and severely beaten. Doctors treated dozens of gunshot wounds. More than 600 people were arrested, with most denied bail.

Mnangagwa said chaos and insubordination will not be tolerated and “if required, heads will roll.”

He defended, however, the dramatic fuel price increase that began the unrest by making gasoline in Zimbabwe the most expensive in the world. Authorities had said it was meant to ease the demand that had created miles-long lines as gas stations, with some families sleeping in their cars.

Mnangagwa has previously said he is open to dialogue with the main opposition MDC party, which narrowly lost the July election and lost a court challenge alleging fraud. The president has dismissed the idea of forming a government of national unity, and his officials in recent days have said the opposition was trying to force talks by stirring up unrest.

The opposition on Tuesday was skeptical of Mnangagwa’s call for dialogue, describing it as a “gimmick to buy time.”

“Mnangagwa’s overtures are always on Twitter. He knows where we are, yet he has chosen not to talk to us directly, he has never approached us, so this is another PR exercise,” MDC spokesman Jacob Mafume said. “Why are soldiers still beating up people and the police arresting people if he is sincere?”

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said police arrested labor federation leader Japhet Moyo “in the wee hours of the night” just hours after releasing him. He is charged with subversion for his role in organizing the national strike along with pastor and activist Evan Mawarire.

Police overnight also detained some 28 people who were receiving medical attention at a hospital in the capital, Harare, the lawyers’ group said, calling it “deplorable and very inhumane.”

Kumbirai Mafunda, the group’s spokesman, told The Associated Press that lawyers will go to court to press for them to be allowed to resume treatment.

Zimbabwe’s government had ordered an internet blackout in recent days as reports of abuses emerged, but the High Court on Monday ordered that full service be restored, calling the shutdown illegal and saying only the president has the authority to make such an order. The government alleges the internet has been used to organize the unrest.

At Davos, Mnangagwa had planned to appeal for foreign investment and loans but faced a more difficult reception than the one a year ago, when optimism was relatively high about a “new Zimbabwe.” Indicating the severity of the economic crisis, neighboring South Africa has confirmed it recently turned down Mnangagwa’s request for a $1.2 billion loan.

The week of turmoil again brought questions about tensions between Mnangagwa and the man he left in charge as acting president while he was overseas, hard-line former military commander and now Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, who had led the military effort to oust Mugabe.

Both Mnangagwa and Chiwenga have dismissed persistent reports of a rift, and they hugged upon the president’s return late Monday and chatted for 15 minutes on the runway.

Fmr Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo Freed by ICC

Former President of Cote D’ivoire Laurent Gbagbo have been released by The International Criminal Court (ICC) after being acquitted ion charges of crimes against humanity.

On Tuesday the Judges said that the prosecutors had failed to proof the case against the accused But that their decision could be reversed on appeal.

About 3,000 people were killed in the West African nation in a violent standoff during 2010 and 2011 when the 73-year-old refused to accept defeat in an election against his bitter rival and now Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara.   Also freed was Gbagbo’s ruthless killer Charles Ble Goude, 47, known as the “Street General”, who stood trial with his former boss on four counts of crimes against humanity for murder, rape, persecution and other inhumane acts committed by pro-Gbagbo forces in the aftermath of the disputed 2010 polls.After spending seven years in prison, Gbagbo now joins his wife Simone Gbagbo, who walked away from a 20-year jail term in Abidjan in August when she was granted amnesty by Ouattara also after seven years in prison.

Tensions are high in the country where about 200 victims gathered on Monday in Abidjan to urge the ICC to keep Gbagbo in jail.

The ICC was set up in 2002 for trials into war crimes and crimes against humanity. So far, most of its cases have involved African countries.

Previous attempts at the ICC to top politicians for crimes committed by subordinates or followers have all run into serious difficulties.

In 2014, the ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, dropped crimes against humanity charges against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Last year, former Congolese Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba was acquitted on appeal for crimes allegedly committed by his militia in the Central African Republic in 2002-2003.

Story Courtesy of AFP.

Thieves Grab Mugabe’s $150,000 Cash

Four people have stolen a suitcase containing $150,000 cash belonging to former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabi. The suspects who have been arrested and taken to court are reported to have splashed the money on cars, homes and livestock, the Chihoyi magistrates court located in north central Zimbabwe.

The incident took place between December 2018 and early this year, at the Mugabe’s rural home in Zvimba near the capital, Harare. One of the suspects Saymore Nhetekwa bought a Honda… and livestock which included pigs and cattle for an undisclosed amount.

Another suspects is Constantia Mugabe, a relative of the former leader. She is said to have given the others access to the facility with her keys. State prosecutor Teveraishe Zinyemba told the court that Johanne Mapurisa bought a Toyota Camry… and a house for $20,000 while The fourth accused is still at large. The three have since been granted bail by the court.

Mugabe’s known residence is the famous Blue Roof residence located in Harare. His last public appearance was at a funeral of a relative where he praised his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa – whom he previously refused to recognize.