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Celestial Church of Christ Central Cathedral

(Showing Live) Annual Adult Harvest Thanksgiving

34th Harvest Thanksgiving

2018 Adult Harvest Chairperson’s Launching

2018 Adult Harvest of Divine Surplus Chairperson’s Launching

Posted by Central Cathedral Abuja on Sunday, November 25, 2018

34th Annual Adult Harvest Thanksgiving Day Part 2

34th Annual Adult Harvest Thanksgiving Day Part 2

34th Annual Adult Harvest Thanksgiving Day Part 2
Sermoner: Most Sup Evang. Aisida
1st Lesson: Joel 2: 13-26
2nd Lesson: Mathew 14: 13-21

Posted by Central Cathedral Abuja on Sunday, November 25, 2018

2018 Adult Harvest of Divine Surplus Thanksgiving Day

2018 Adult Harvest of Divine Surplus Thanksgiivng Day

2018 Adult Harvest of Divine Surplus Thanksgiivng Day

Posted by Central Cathedral Abuja on Sunday, November 25, 2018

2018 Adult Harvest Chairperson’s Launching

2018 Adult Harvest Chairperson’s Launching

2018 Adult Harvest of Divine Surplus Chairperson’s Launching

Posted by Central Cathedral Abuja on Sunday, November 25, 2018

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by Haarstrup. Kingdom bearers international.

Several thousand years ago, God spoke directly to Moses and instituted a new festival for his people – Exodus 23:16– “celebrate the festival of harvest with the first fruits of the crops you sow in your field “.

In line with this Divine directive, Celestial Church of Christ derives it’s locus to celebrate annual harvest Thanksgiving.

The word harvest may be defined in various forms, all of which can be summarized with the word “REAPING ”

Harvest is one of CCC festivals.

It’s a feast of Thanksgiving where members come before the Lord to appreciate His goodness & blessings, & also honour Him with their substance.

This service is usually followed by a spectacular event called Harvest Sales (Bazaar sales).

In Celestial church of Christ there are two types of harvest, namely :

1. The Juvenile Harvest —- This is observed by all celestial parishes worldwide the same day being the first Sunday in June, annually, where all activities of the service are conducted by the children of the various parishes.

2. The Adult Harvest.

Harvest preparation / harvest week —- The harvest week marks the beginning of harvest preparation in CCC.

It’s believed that 7days to the harvest, angels of harvest functions descend in a parish, during the week  various activities surface, these include : Revival, prophetic revelation (isona) charity donations etc.

While on Sunday, during the harvest Thanksgiving, members are neatly dressed in their regalia to appreciate God.

Significance of Harvest

Harvest Thanksgiving is a shadow of what to come. It reminds us of the biggest harvest as recorded in Revelation 14:14-19. When the angels of God shall harvest the children of the kingdom.

We use this medium to admonish our members to live a life worthy of emulation, repent, & accept Jesus Christ as their Lord & personal Saviour. By this, they will have a place in heaven.

You are therefore respectfully invited as our Special Guest to the 34th Annual Adult Thanksgiving Service of the Celestial Church of Christ Central Cathedral at 22 Akure Street in Area 10, Abuja tomorrow Sunday the 25th of November 2018 from 10am and experience the Divine Surplus from our Lord Jesus Christ.



By God’s grace, I am the President of this years Harvest Tagged Divine Surplus the Celestial Church of Christ Central Cathedral Parish Abuja Nigeria. 

I am using this medium to inform you that Harvest is a divine injunction from God.

The Glorious God from his Holy of Holy Throne directed in the holy scripture that we should appear and celebrate before him, three times in a year. 

Of course We have no other alternative because He is our Father and our God who created both heavens and earth.

And we must not come empty handed. 

Unlike in those days when we brought yams, beam rams, cows and other agricultural products from our farms, but these days because of the technology, we are to bring our monies and use it to Glorify God. You must also help the needy, widows.

And as we are doing this we will also place all our request or expectations before God that by this time next year , he will lift us up to a higher level. Of course God is a listening Creator he will surely bless us all.

Let me also inform you that Our programmes for harvest are numerous, These include A 3day Power-packed Revival, The Women’s For Christ all day event, Drama Presentation, Sports competition, the Luli Night of Praises and Music, this Friday night the 23rd of November 2018, Visitation to the Motherless home on Saturday 24th November 2018 from 8am, while the week will be rounded up with a Special Thanksgiving Service On Sunday November 25th 2018 from 10am.

Of course during this Harvest We don’t discriminate, black, white people from all corners of the world and different denominations, be you Christian or muslim are all welcome to celebrate with us. 

We do always advice however that you don’t go home empty handed. There are things you can pick at our bazaar sales which comes up immediately after the Sunday Thanksgiving Service.

God bless you all as you celebrate with us at the Celestial Church of Christ Central Cathedral In Area 10, Abuja. 


1st Vice-President, Harvest of Divine Surplus 2018

Chairman ll, Church Parochial Committee.

I see harvest in Celestial as an injunction and a Bigger Celebration. It is biblical and also an injunction laid down by the Pastor, Prophet Founder of the Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide Reverend Pastor Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oschoffa of blessed memory. 

This as laid down is been practiced ever since.

As a Celestian, I am to present myself three times and celebrate before God For what he has done For me, my entire family and my flourishing Businesses in the past year’s with the wealth,he had blessed me with.

In case I cannot bring all the products I intend to. Praise God with the you are free to turn everything to money and bring these before God.

An interesting thing in our church is that everyone is welcomed. 

Superior Evang. BAYO AVEREHI 

Chairman ll, Harvest of Divine Surplus 2018

Reporter: Tell us all about Harvest.

Bayo: Harvest In Celestial Church is an Annual event, it is a remembrance or in anticipation of when our Lord Jesus Christ will come to harvest us all and that is the rapture period. 

We do this to remember or to commemorate that a greater harvest is ahead.

 During this harvest we all come together, pull our resources together to celebrate in the presence of the Lord. We bring our first fruits before God just like Cain and Abel did 

It is very very significant thing to annually come before the presence of the Lord To show your allegiance to the Lord remembering that you are aware of the final harvest that is to come.

Reporter:  What is significant about bazaar sales at harvest.

Bayo:  Bazaar is the Second phase of the harvest celebration.Normally the Special Thanksgiving Service starts at 10am on Sunday, this is always a full and complete worship to the Lord. 

After our worship Bazzar Sales will follow outside the church in the compound. The bazaar sales is like trading in the presence of the Lord making useless that thing called money which the world hold as being precious useless. You see one candle can be bough for a million naira. Or three hundred thousand naira. This is to make a mess of the earthly things. We buy things in hundred fold of what it is worth and this is normally done outside the church because tradings are never allowed in the church. The best bargaining power takes it over. Of course everyone is aware that the worth wasn’t the actual price that will be paid for such items.

Reporter: Can l a non-celestian partake in the bazaar sales ?

Bayo: Absolutely, the bazaar sales is not restricted to anyone or groups. This is where the 2nd phase of blessings is. In fact if you come to harvest and you don’t go home without taking a simple thing home. Your harvest is not complete.

Reporter: what is your message to all.

Bayo : let us celebrate the harvest as it is laid down. No bazaar sales inside the church but outside it. Some churches even shift bazaar till a following day.


Harvest of Divine Surplus 2018 Revivalist.

As a vessel of God, To the best of my knowledge, harvest as a commission God has given to the Celestial Church of Christ from time lmemorial. It’s a period when the church comes together to offer thanks to God For his protection, his provisions, his guidance over us all in the last one year. It is also an occasion reminiscent of the coming of Christ when he will come to harvest his own for the kingdom of God. So as much as we know we must appreciate God For what he has done for his people. It’s also a moment of stock taking. How are we living our lives the quality of our lives. How well are working in the confinement of the Lord towards the end time bearing in mind that sometime soon the trumpet shall sound when Jesus Christ will come again to harvest his own. I just want to pray that the grace to reign in his kingdom. May the Lord bestow it upon us in the name of jesus.

As a team member of the revival committee one thing very very key to us is that we’ve prayed, planned, prepared for this. We just seek the face of the Lord  For a lifelong impact for the people. Even after the harvest must have gone. The testimonies will continuously roll in. Ultimately people will continue to stay in the consciousness of God. And 

Regardless of the economic problem people are facing regardless of the challenges, God will launch them unto the realm of supernatural Surplus in the Mighty name of Jesus. I must say also with all sense of modesty and humility, am never a fan of the musical jamboree, because I believed it’s something that can be repackaged Hence this year is with a difference. It is Special.It’s going to be a Praise night by our Glory of God Choir. Invited Choirs of some churches Across Nigeria have been invited for this special night of Praises. Of course they’ll be complimented by that renowned man of God Evangelist Ekunola Davies with his powerful ministration. He will minister on to the people on Divine Surplus and also call on God To bless the gathering.This is something different from what has been done for the past 33years of the Central Cathedral existence. We are sure that the Lord whose intentions is for the people to have everything in Surplus will surely bless us all with his Divine Surplus.

I must also say To God be the glory l ministered on the first day of the revival. And I ministered on Divine Surplus.By the grace of God I was abled to establish it to the people that God is the source of all blessings, that God has the capacity to bless his people beyond these God intends for his people to live in Surplus. I gave examples of Abraham who lived great, he went forward until he became very great, God took him further, he gave him Surplus. Even Jacob , the bible said Jacob was very very rich, he had cattles, goats, maidservants In Surplus. Which means God’s intentions for his people is to have everything in Surplus. I also explained different Keys to use like Prophecy when Prophet Elijah prophesy that by this time tomorrow everything will be Surplus in Samaria. I made them understand that prophecy key should be used to speak the word against lack in every area of our lives. Prophesy into all situations of your life. Even Prophet Michael Siwoniku who took the last day of revival confirmed this. I was also able to speak on Taking Actions.on plans to move forward. Another key is FAITH. You must have faith that the Lord will do it. Lastly I also emphasised Giving as a key to divine surplus using the example of the lepers who went to tell the people of Samaria that Divine surplus has arrived. They weren’t selfish about the wonderful works of God. I believed that after this harvest the congregation will live and enjoy the abundance of God. In fact I really thanked God for his grace over us all. Please am inviting you to come and celebrate with us tonight from 8pm and on Sunday the 25th of November 2018, from 10 am.




By Mariam Afolabi 

In the celebration week of the Celestial church of Christ Central Cathedral Area 10,Abuja harvest of Divine Surplus 2018, our news crew came across a man of God, A Top Class Revivalist of note vast in the word of God, Prophet Siwoniku Oluwasegun Micheal Shepherd CCC Founder’s  Parish Akako Odo Ona Ibadan in Oyo State South West Nigeria.

This Revivalist who grabbed the attention of the congregation on Wednesday 21st November 2018. Another of our Guests is the Chairman of the Parochial Committee of the CCC Central Cathedral Honorary Senior Evangelist Emmanuel Onwodi. This Philanthropist of note was full of Praises to God for his protection over the congregation and the Invitees for Harvest of Divine Surplus.

Another Speaker is one of the Harvest Chairpersons the Lace Superior Senior Elder Sister Sola Odufuwa, 



Q. Today being a third and last day of revival can you quickly do a recap of what you preached.

Ans. My coming here to Abuja today is to inform the members of this great Cathedral the God is a God of Surplus and providence. And For you to encounter a Surplus, you must understand that surplus is an offshoot of whom God is. More importantly to be a partaker In , in his Surplus blessings God gives, you must acknowledge his anointed and must also be ready to give what is called the Lords honour to him. Also celestial church of christ must understand that harvest is not a casual celebration. It is also not a ceremony that has to do with enjoyment and party time of this world. But it is actually a Kingdom affair provided by God himself to bless his people. That is those who believe 

Q. How important is the harvest to the church.

Ans. Harvest is one of core ordinance of the church. A means of blessings. God actually plans to bless his people and one of the channels is through harvest. In other words Celestial Church has studied it that For as many as partakers, they will always reap the abundant blessings of God accordingly.

Q.  Is the harvest meant for Celestians  alone.

Ans. No. Harvest is a universal concept available to all, men or women who believed.

Q.  So to the Christians who believed, harvest is compulsory, now what should be the expectation during and after the harvest 

Ans.  Basically in the course of feast of harvest you are expected to served God as a primary objective.

This is done in diverse ways and capacity through Praises, worship and with your God given substances. The expectation of people is Blessings. Having served  him, God will not allow you to go home empty handed The Greatest God must something positive in your life that will increase you, expand and enlarge your coast. This could be sound health, promotion at work New businesses, new homes or all combined.

Q,  Please encourage  celestians as a body of Christ. 

Ans.  I usually take my words encouragement from the Celestial hymns . It says bless us God of restoration so that our being alive and involved will not be in vain. Hence everyone should mind what they do and how they get involved in the harvest activities in order to be richly blessed by God. That is my message to the Harvest of Divine Surplus 2018.


question: Please kindly introduce yourself ma?

Answer: My name is Lace Superior senior Elder sister Sola Odufuwa, also One of the Chairperson’s for the 2018 adult harvest.

Question: in your own understanding as a celestial what does harvest means.

Answer: basically harvest is the period where you bring your fruit and money to celebrate God and also thank God for the year. you should now appear before thy Lord  empty handed.

question: what are the expectation during and after harvest?

Answer: Blessings of thy Lord because the Lord does not owe anyone, so we expect to reap bountiful from our Lord.

Question: what more is in store for the week?

Answer: the women group are having their program and also the youth and also drama, then for Friday there is a program we use to call “the jamboree nite” it’s en-tales singing and praises both from our choir and other invitees. But this year it is tagged LuLi Night of Praises and Singing to our Lord.

question: Are Outsiders invited also?

Answer: definite, the celebration is open to everyone both none celestial even Muslims, our door is widely opened to everyone.

Question: thank you ma for the audience

answer: you are most welcome


Question: please introduce yourself?

Answer: My name is evangelist Onwodi Emmanuel, i am the chairman of parochial committee of C.C.C central Cathedral Abuja.

question: what do celestial understand by “harvest”

Answer: To celestial harvest is very symbolic in the sense that it is the time we gather to appreciate God for the good things he has done in our lives, it’s also a time for us to give to the needy and to continue to support the less privileged in our midst, that is why it is symbolic to us in life with instruction of the bible that we should not come before God with empty hand and also come with thanksgiving This year’s harvest tagged harvest of “divine Surplus” is to thank God for our lives.

Question: what are the expectations during and after harvest?

answer: yes we know we serve a God that never fails, God of celestial is the God that bless his own, we know before the harvest God of provision would meet every member of this church at the very point of their need and also believe after the harvest many more things would be happening in the church, those looking for one thing. or the other will be granted even those looking for employments including those looking for life partner or fruit of the womb will be granted.

Question: what more is available for the week.

Answer: after the 3 days revival we have Thursday for women program and drama’s activities, mind you we already had the sport activities early in the week, e.g table tennis and others still on there will be session for lectures and for Friday which would be powerful because another man of God will be coming Evangelist Ekunola Davies who would be coming also to perform in the house of God to teach us the word in an undiluted form and also there will be Praises and signing from our own Glory of God choir and also other invited choirs.

while on Saturday we would be visiting the less privilege and mother-less babies home and general cleaning of the environment of the church and the main day which is on Sunday for thanksgiving and also for bazaar sales.

Question: so on Sunday we are all coming to give thanks to God for a successful week.

Answer: By God’s Grace.

THE HARVEST: See more photos below.

The gathering of things planted, a natural time of reaping in joy what has been produced during the year in an agricultral community is known as Harvest. But Spiritually Jesus enjoins believers to ask the “Lord of the harvest” who is in control of the harvest time; it is part of his work ( Jer 5:24Amos 4:7 ). In an agrarian society, a human response to God came with planting and reaping. Offerings came from the fullness of one’s harvest (Exod 22:29 ). At least two festivals focused on harvest. The Festival of Harvest or firstfruits came in the spring, fifty days after Passover ( Exod 23:16 ). The Festival of Booths fell at the end of harvest in the fall.

Farmers or man must play their part in planting to be able to reap ( Prov 6:8). But the focus in harvest revolved around the product and the work of the Lord in bringing it to completion.

Of course, great joy accompanied the harvest ( Isa 9:3 ).

The firstfruits are harvested and brought before  priest, who would offer them to the Lord.

Some of the harvest remained in the fields for the poor ( Lev 19:9 ; 23:22 ). The prophets indicate that the Lord can destroy the harvest in judgment ( Isa 18:4-6 ; Jer 12:13 ). As God of the harvest, the Lord speaks and takes it away ( Hosea 2:9 ). In fact, Israel herself becomes a harvest ( Hosea 6:11 ). The nation of Babylon comes to “harvest” her ( Jer 51:33 ). The judgment of God uses a familiar image in the life of Israel, but it does not carry the joy experienced at the seasonal gathering. Israel turned away from the Lord and suffered a punishment like a harvest.

Jesus described the last judgment in a parable about harvest ( Matthew 13:30Matthew 13:39 ). The Jews of his day understood the connection of harvest and judgment. Judgment is the focus again in the words of the angel in Revelation 14:15.

To many of us, harvest time is of little concern, because in our complex life we are far removed from the actual production of our food supplies, but for the Hebrew people, as for those in any agricultural district today, the harvest was a most important season (Genesis 8:2245:6). Events were reckoned from harvests (Genesis 30:14Joshua 3:15Judges 15:1Ruth 1:222:23;1 Samuel 6:132 Samuel 21:923:13). The three principal feasts of the Jews corresponded to the three harvest seasons (Exodus 23:1634:21,22);

(1) the feast of the Passover in April at the time of the barley harvest (compare Ruth 1:22);

(2) the feast of Pentecost (7 weeks later) at the wheat harvest (Exodus 34:22), and

(3) the feast of Tabernacles at the end of the year (October) during the fruit harvest.

Between the barley harvest in April and the wheat harvest, only a few showers fall, which are welcomed because they increase the yield of wheat (compare Amos 4:7). Samuel made use of the unusual occurrence of rain during the wheat harvest to strike fear into the hearts of the people (1 Samuel 12:17).


The “time of harvest,” in the Old Testament frequently meant the day of destruction (Jeremiah 51:33Hosea 6:11Joel 3:13). “Joy in harvest” typified great joy (Isaiah 9:3); “harvest of the Nile,” an abundant harvest (Isaiah 23:3). “The harvest is past” meant that the appointed time was gone (Jeremiah 8:20). Yahweh chose the most promising time to cut off the wicked, namely, “when there is a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest” (Isaiah 18:4,5). This occurrence of hot misty days just before the ripening of the grapes is still common. They are welcome because they are supposed to hasten the harvest., “The harvest is the end of the world” (Matthew 13:39; compare Revelation 14:15).

In celestial church there are two types of harvest season. There is the juvenile or children’s harvest which normally come worldwide and simultaneously on the first Sunday in the month of June.This is the time children are well celebrated. During the harvest week . The children with the guidance of the shepherd or his representative are given total support to conduct every aspect of the Celestial services on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It is indeed a practical lesson or learning of the Celestial church doctrine.

The next season otherwise is known as the Adult Harvest celebration between August and December before the imeko pilgrimage. Each parish is allowed to fix a a week of activities bound to fit into their target plan. You and your family are enjoined to bring thanksgiving before the almighty God to say thank you for what he had done this past years.

This period is indeed a festive season with abundant food provisions and of course entertainment. The meal is preferred for distribution to the have not or the poor in our society.

Members of the congregation are also well catered.

See more photos below.